Collaboration with Maria Tsimpiskaki, for Athens Jewelry Week 2016.


The greek word “synchoro” [syn + choros/space] means “to forgive”. To give up the need to reject and punish what I see as “different” from myself. To make space for it. To hug the “other” and accept its individuality. I do not have to agree with it or follow it. I just have to find a way to co-exist with it and let it evolve and flourish, while I evolve and flourish.

Acceptance is the way to forgiveness. When I find it difficult to accept an opinion different to mine, when I feel safe only around what agrees with my filters and interpretation, then I give permission to “parasites” to grow: comparison, anger, inflexibility, rigidity, separateness, arrogance of superiority and an arbitrary sense of self-righteousness, that lead to violence on a pretense of punishment. “Parasites” [para + sitos/food] live and grow at my expense. Am I aware?